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List of Chapters


1st Chapter: OVERVIEW -Will contain name, parents’ name. present details of profession, brothers, sisters, children, wife and gist of future predictions for all the 12 houses in the horoscope based on planetary positions.

2nd Chapter: WEALTH, education, family, speech, eyes

3rd chapter: BROTHERS & SISTERS, their welfare & your relationship with them

4th chapter: HAPPINESS, house, land, vehicles, mother's welfare

5th chapter: CHILDREN: their birth, their future lives, remedial measures in order to have children

6th chapter: DISEASE, DEBTS, ENEMIES, court cases - remedial measures for their avoidance & success

7th chapter: MARRIAGE – relationship, time of marriage, horoscope details of the bride or bridegroom, future life with husband or wife. solution for happy married life

8th chapter: LONGEVITY, accidents, danger to life, details concerning time & circumstance of death

9th chapter: DHARMA, spiritual life, associate with Guru, charity work, pilgrimages

10th chapter: CAREER, future prediction in regards job or business, change of place, good & evil effects in profession, solutions to get success in career

11th chapter: SECOND MARRIAGE, happiness in family & relatives

12th chapter: LIBERATION/ENLIGHTENMENT, visits to foreign countries, expenditure, next birth


13th chapter: [shanthi remedy] LAST BIRTH, sins committed & remedial measures for getting rid of bad effect from the past birth sins & karma

14th chapter: [deekshai remedy] PRESCRIPTION OF YAGYA / POOJA for overcoming major karmas in this life

Separate special chapters-

1. Disabukthi chapter (directions of planets )- this special chapter deals with the planetary periods and sub periods and their good & bad influences in your life.

2. Disabukhthi Shanthi chapter- this chapter gives you the remedies for the malefic effect of the Disabukhthi periods & sub periods.

3. Prasana chapter: this special chapter deals the predictions & solutions to your problems through to write a questionnaire [ accept 5 questions maximum ]. First quote your time & date when you start to write your questions also send your correct birth details [date/time/place ] with the questionnaire.

4. Gotchara Shanthi chapter: the remedial measures will be predicted based on the un favourable planetary position.

5. Political chapter: this special chapter deals the ups & down of your political career.


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Even though I decided to go ahead with the Nadi remedies, I had a good deal of scepticism. I was

psychotherapist, Australia

  Dear Ante, when you said during my Nadi remedy that I would have a happy relationship by July 201

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