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Karma &
What is karma?
Karma is the metaphysical law of causality.
It is comparable to the physical law of Sir Isaac Newton: every action causes an equal and opposite reaction. You do something in this lifetime and it comes back to you in the next lifetime.
The Sages use their intuitive ability to look into the past and future of the individuals. They said that the clients who came with a sincere frame of mind got better results than the clients who were cynical. This is true in daily life. You become as you think.
The nadi is a great source of education. It links your past life with the present life and teaches you methods to change your life. For instance, if one had illegal relationship with a woman in his past life, he continues this habit in this lifetime also. Similarly if one had been a priest in previous life times, he comes back as a priest again. Once you identify what you had done in the past, then you can correct it in this lifetime.

We suffer in our life as a result of committed previously wrong deeds due to our ignorance. In order to remove or reduce our suffering, neutralize our last birth sins and karmas, get away from the malefic influence of stars and live a peaceful long life, we must visit sacred places to worship the deity through the Nava Graha.

The NAVAGRAHA-nava means nine, graha means planet, 9 planets in Zodiac system believers in astrology and the influence of Planets over individual destiny will find Tamilnadu state is a great destination in India.

when planets move from one direction to another it brings about changes in certain people's well being and fortune. Navagraha could give harmony or misery to the individual as per its movements.

Any human being have experiences mixture of happiness and sorrows to establish their life ups and downs, if we know the planetary positions at the time of commencing a job or enterprise with its help, we will be able to find out how it will take shape or how we would fare in it. If our horoscope is cast on the basis of the configuration of the planets at the time of our birth, our fortunes & misfortunes over the entire period of our life, can be predicted and save our time & energy from the impact of bad influences of planets, through planetary remedies in thetemples of Navagraha.
Please see the link..temples of Navagraha.

By worshipping the planets we get immense benefits. Indian astrology believes that the planetary positions of nine planets in a geo centric orbit determine the way a person will live, progress and exemplify one’s life to others before death. There are nine temples located in tamilnadu representing each planet in the Navagraha. All nine of them are located with in a 65 km radius around Kumbakonam in Thanjavur . Tamilnadu is the only state where the temples dedicated to the nine celestial bodies are located in such close proximity.

It is important to pay a visit to Navagraha Temple regardless of what your karma is. The unique nature of Navagraha is that the planets here are devoid of their weapons. Mantras used in the temple also do not refer to their malefic qualities. According to tradition, Lord Siva commissioned planets to be benign at Navagraha Temples. We perform remedy against your karma on your behalf to the Navagraha Temples and send remedy photographs to you on email.

For more details, please see the link..remedal temple visit

Nadi astrology offers remedies for all kinds of bad karma. This involves visits to certain temples, performing rituals like donation to Sages, Orphans, Destitute and others. The remedies are based on the karma that each one has done in their past lives. Another important remedy is worshipping the Deity of the planet properly through to perform a yagya for all bad periods in your life, also we perform yagya/pooja for to wipe off your bad karma and to achieve a peaceful long life. It is better to worship proper time & day to get fully success. We organize yagya for to protect from enemies & litigation. For more details, please see the link... yagya/homa

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Even though I decided to go ahead with the Nadi remedies, I had a good deal of scepticism. I was

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  Dear Ante, when you said during my Nadi remedy that I would have a happy relationship by July 201

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