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How to take a thumb impression?

* Ladies give left thumb impression, Gents right thumb

* Get a pad with ink

* Press your thumb on the pad and then press it on the piece of blank paper several times. First press hard, second time not so hard (with medium force), third time lightly. Repeat that process several times, so that we have several impressions to choose from, we will choose the clearest one.

* DO NOT ROLL YOUR THUMB Nadi astrology uses the CENTRAL portion of the thumb impression to identify you in the Nadi scriptures

* Scan the impressions into computer and e-mail it to us or, alternatively, mail it to

Model of a female LEFT thumb impression

Model of a male RIGHT thumb impression
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Even though I decided to go ahead with the Nadi remedies, I had a good deal of scepticism. I was

psychotherapist, Australia

  Dear Ante, when you said during my Nadi remedy that I would have a happy relationship by July 201

P, Australia


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