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Procedure &
In order for us to find your leaf records we need a clear thumb impression from your right hand. We ask for 3 prints for good measure. Please scan and send these along with your birth details (time, date, place).

For more information on how to obtain the clearest print please see the link

Once we receive this information we locate the Nadi leaf bundles corresponding to your thumb print and birth data. These bundles are housed in our main library in Vaitheeswarankovil. After finding the leaf bundles related to your thumb print, we meet over Skype to verify which leaf records are yours.

When we have confirmed your exact scripture from the nadi bundles, your predictions are translated from the classical Tamil, then written in a note book and recorded in English on a Mp3 audio file. We send you a link to this recording. If you wish, you can listen on Skype while we make the audio record of your predictions,1st chapter duration 30 minutes long. Prediction available in English, Hindi, Tamil. Telugu & Malayalam. For a proof of audio recording , please check the link PROOF-.MP3

Mr.Vijay Devan and Mr.Maniyan samy are our senior nadi astrologers and a member of the nadi library. They comes from a long line of respected Nadi Pandits. Their family is from Vaitheeswarankovil in Tamilnadu, which is the world center for Nadi Astrology. The most respected nadi astrologers all come from this area. They will read your predictions from the Agasthiya, Mahashiva or Koushika nadi scriptures. Ask query to the nadi astrologer, please go to the link

The information in your nadi records is divided into different chapters. Each chapter corresponds to one of the 12 houses of your horoscope. The cost of your nadi reading is $ 100 US [ INR.5000 bound in India ]. you will get enough prediction from your future life, study, career, relationship, marriage, children and their study .

Give your prediction before death from the 1st chapter reading. If you want more deep information from a ward then you go for extra chapter reading, cost $ 75 US each [ INR 3500 bound in India ], remedy chapter 13th & 14th also available together cost $ 100 US [ INR 5000 bound in India ] For a complete list of the available chapters, please see this link

We are organizing remedial trip & yagya for to wipe off your last birth sins, karma & bad influences of your running planets. We perform remedy on your behalf. For remedy details, please see the link
Remedial temple Trip

If you have any query, please do not hesitate to ask. i can speak -English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, & Malayalam.

For appointments,
phone: +91-9746311133, 9446139873
Email :

Om Namo Narayana
Nadi Ashram, Chennai, India.

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Even though I decided to go ahead with the Nadi remedies, I had a good deal of scepticism. I was

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